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Recently our staff got together and worked through a temperament/personality exercise called the Myers Briggs Indicator.  It was an incredible experience as we learned some new things about one another…and mostly began to understand the way we are wired.  It’s not like it was a complete revelation, but more of a fresh look that is helping us relate better, work stronger together and encourage each other.  So good and so necessary.

So, I’m an ESTJ.  Extrovert (no surprise), Sensing (like facts when taking in information), Thinking (objective in making decisions), Judgment (living purposeful).  Some who know me would say…sure this is you.  Others would say “so what?”  The key for us as a group was to learn how to understand one another, accept one another and challenge one another to be the very best of who God made us to be.  Although the whole of who we are is very good, there are definitely areas for growth, especially in how we relate to others.  Of course, there could be a tendency for any of us to fall into the trap of saying “oh well, that’s just who I am…too bad.”  But the one thing that has kept me from that trap is this statement: “you need to behave with appropriateness as a follower of Christ.”

In other words…I can’t be a bombastic extrovert and blow people away ignoring their opinions and thoughts.  That’s not how Jesus would want me to use my temperament.  I shouldn’t decide things too quickly or become judgmental, but wait on the Lord and others to help shape my opinions.

There is no right or wrong personality…but there is a right and a wrong way to live out who we have been created to be.  To be like Jesus doesn’t mean we are all blank slate drones…but it does mean that we become the best version of ourselves.

Has your temperament ever gotten you in trouble?  Have you ever had a difficult time relating to others because of their personality?  A good prayer for all of us would be…Help me to act appropriately and consistent with who you made me to be Lord and help me to understand others.