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The Christmas season is upon us- a time of peace, joy and of course, Love.  But so many people don’t connect with the idea of love because we have defined it to mean that I’m always happy and everything is going fantastic.  This may be especially true when relating to God as Love.

Many people either have an intellectual mindset that God may be love, but He is not really in my day-to-day world.  Others ask how God can be love when there is so much suffering and difficulty in the world.  And most have a definition of love that is strictly feeling and emotion based.  So, if God is love, how does it relate to me?

For those who have never actually experienced an unconditional, no strings attached kind of love, it’s hard to relate.  And if we only think of love as something that makes me feel good and gives me anything and everything I want, it’s also difficult to connect with God’s love.  Because God’s love goes beyond human reason and understanding, and transforms us into something that we cannot be without it.

A perfect example of this is found in the Christmas story.  God became man.  That in and of itself is love.  He became us to feel what we feel, to suffer what we suffer, to be familiar with our pain, our happiness, our disappointment and our rejoicing.  But it didn’t end with Him coming as a baby or living as a young man.  It didn’t end with the cross and it didn’t end with the resurrection either.  Because God’s love continues to flow through those who know it.

“God lives in us and His love is made complete in us,” is what the Bible tells us in 1 John 4.  If God is love, then it is meant to flow through those who have experienced Him.  This is the answer for the worlds suffering, for individual heartache and for all those who are searching for love but don’t know where to look.  It came in the form of a man and still comes in the form of men and women today.  As someone said, “Emmanuel-God with us,  wasn’t just a 33 year experiment, but the permanent way God connects with people.”

I think that there is something supernatural about both receiving and giving God’s love.  In fact, I think it’s in that place where it flows in and then out that we know God’s love in its fullness.  This Christmas, let’s get beyond the presents, and come into His presence by being the kind of people where Love Flows Through.