Waking up on Sunday Morning

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Blogroll, church, Easter, Grace Capital Church, People

I’m so used to being up early on Sunday that I don’t think anything of it.  Rain, snow, sunshine, daylight savings-time I’m up and out the door because I’m a pastor and that’s what we do.  Early Sundays are no-brainers for me…and so are long Sundays.  But perhaps I’m so desensitized to what I do every week that I forget that this is not “normal” in our culture, and certainly not here in New Hampshire.

Most people take advantage of Sunday as a day off to rest, sleep in a little extra, go to the kid’s soccer games, or take advantage of the nice weather and make a trip to the mountains or beach.  They may even wake up early just like me, but have different plans and no intention to sit in a building for a couple of hours.  Yet…that’s what we try very hard to get people to do.  And I think it’s a good thing to try.  But as we are trying, let’s also remember that this is cross grain to what non-churchgoers and even many pro-churchgoers are thinking.  A church service is not very high on the priority list for a great majority of people.

Once I heard about a guy who just didn’t want to wake up for church.  His kids came in the bedroom all dressed and ready to go, but he just covered his head with a pillow.  His wife kept yelling for him to get ready, but he acted like he didn’t hear her.  Finally, she came in and said, “you’ve got to wake up and get ready for church.  People are expecting you to be there.  After all, you are the pastor!”  Okay, maybe I’ve felt like that once or twice, but honestly I look forward to Sundays to be with the people who are a part of my life and my community.  I enjoy being part of the church and for me that includes leading as a pastor and waking up on Sunday morning and serving.

As Easter approaches, churches across the nation will see their numbers swell.  Some will make annual pilgrimages, others will be doing what they do religiously each week.  For me and for our church, I pray it will be a day to connect people to a God who never slumber or sleeps.  He’s the one who created the ocean, the mountains, and time itself…even Sunday mornings.

What do you do on Sunday mornings?  If you wake up and go to a church building, why do you do that?



  1. Melissa Neveu says:

    I, almost always, wake up ready to go every Sunday morning. I wake up early, have my coffee with my husband, spend some personal time in the Word, then get my kids up and we all eat and get ready. Then out the door and to church we go. Of coarse we all have those internal thoughts some Sundays of “Maybe I can just stay home and spend time doing ______ (whatever you might feel like that day)”, but I have found that in overcoming that voice and being obedient to God by not forsaking gathering together, the days I personally have felt this are the days that God touches me and speaks to me the loudest through the word or the worship that day at church. It is certainly good to have a routine of going to church, as long as we don’t allow church to become routine 🙂

    ~Melissa N

    • pbonanno says:

      I love what you said at the end there Melissa: “it’s good to have a routine of going to church, but not to allow church to become routine.” I think our understanding and the reality of what the church is can help us with that. We really aren’t going to church, but we are the church coming to gather with others. It’s the church together…all of us, serving, worshiping, loving and experiencing His presence!

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